Apple patent show new earphones and water-resistance

Manny Pham
June 7, 2016

Apple has made two patent filings revealing interesting features that could feature in the iPhone 7.

Oh patents, you’ve got to love them. If companies weren’t legally obliged to make patent request we’d be in stifling anticipation before each handset unveiling. That would actually be quite nice, but chasing after leaks is way more fun. Apple Insider spotted the new patent, revealing what we can expect in the iPhone 7 or future devices.

The first patent shows a bone-conducting earpods, capable of measuring vibrations in your skull to provide better noise cancellation. With the intended result of sound output with crystal clear clarity. A built-in accelerometer would be able to distinguish between a person speaking, ambient noise and your ‘boner jamz’ playlist.

The technology also has the potential to make Siri perform better in noisy environments, by being able to distinguish between commands and a noisy pub.

Mesh it rain

As for the second patent, it’s one already used in the Apple Watch. It’s a filing for water-resistance. The patent show a mesh material shielding the inside of an acoustic port, which would direct liquids away and reduce pressure. The mesh will have a hydrophobic coat to help it bounce back liquids.

Is it a sign of Apple making a completely new ‘Active’ device along the same line as Samsung? Most likely not, water-resistance is a much desired feature and Apple are hearing it. We can’t be guaranteed to see these features in the next iPhone in September, but they could turn up in future devices.

It’s a clear sign the Cupertino based company are venturing out and doing what we’re used to seeing it do, and that’s innovate and create. Can’t say that for the water-resistance but the bone-conducting earpods will be one to watch, especially for audiophiles.

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