Sales of the HTC One M8 helps the company turn a profit for the first time in a year

Callum Tennent
July 4, 2014

Good news HTC fans! We all knew that the One M8 had been well received critically, but it turns out that the consumer has taken to it rather well, too. In fact, it’s been so popular that it has actually enabled HTC to turn a profit for the first time in over 12 months.

It’s not an enormous profit, but it is obviously important nonetheless. Over the past quarter (Q2 2014) HTC was $75 million in the black off of $2.17 billion in overall turnover. HTC actually turned over $2.34bn in the same period last year, but the profit has increased by over 80% thanks to both the success of the HTC One M8 and a series of cost-cutting measures taken by the Taiwanese company.

It’s far from smooth-sailing from here on in, though. The Wall Street Journal predicts that this will be the financial zenith of HTC’s 2014, with sales set to slowly decline over the remaining months due to the ageing of its flagship.

Hopefully HTC can kick-on from here, with a new found reputation and some growing marketplace momentum. If rumours of HTC being the brand to manufacture the upcoming Google Nexus Volantis tablet, too, there could be another breakout success on the company’s hands sooner rather than later.


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