Review: Mophie wireless charging stand

Saf Malik
March 9, 2021

The perfect 10W charging stand for your desk

Mophie is a company that specialises in wireless charging pads, power banks, and battery cases and is owned by ZAGG. Its 10W wireless charging stand is a great product that offers excellent value for money and will make a valuable addition to your desk. 

The premium packaging of the 10W wireless charging stand sets a good precedent for a product that largely does what it sets out to do, in impressive fashion. 

The actual design of the product also gives it a high-end look and feel with an all-black design and a premium ultrasuede finish. Having received several similar products over the last few months, this one certainly feels like it belongs in the company of other higher-end charging stands and its price of £64.95 does reflect that. 

There are two adjustable viewing angles, with users able to leave their device flat on the charging pad or sitting up for viewing pleasure and easy navigation while sitting on a desk. 

My iPhone XR, which notoriously takes a while to charge, certainly charged almost twice as quickly when on the charging stand. 

The charging stand is compatible with the following devices: 

  • Apple 
  • Samsung 
  • Google
  • LG
  • Motorola 
  • Qi-enabled smartphones 

It should be noted that the charging stand can also charge Airpods or Galaxy Buds. 

The only major criticism I can aim at the product is that my phone sometimes feels quite hot after being on the charging pad for too long. I don’t know whether this will cause any major issues, but I rectified the issue by taking the phone out of its case to charge it, reducing the heat. 

The wireless charging stand is available from ZAGG’s website for £64.95. 

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