Review: Belkin Boost Charge 20K Power Bank

Saf Malik
May 27, 2021

20,100mAh power bank delivers on every front

Belkin’s 20k power bank is the most powerful of its kind. And it certainly should be for a retail price of £119.99 or £93.35 from Amazon.

The power bank is designed for USB-C devices including the MacBook, iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and Nintendo Switch.

Users should note that you must use the same USB-C cable to recharge your MacBook and the power bank.


The box includes the power bank and a USB-C to USB-C cable. The first thing to note about the power bank is that it is extremely heavy, clocking in at just over 400g. While this is understandable given the powerful battery within the device, it may not be the most portable of power banks on the market.

The USB-C cable in the box supports 30W charging which is faster than most devices on the market today.

The LED lights on the power bank indicate the charge levels and it claims to provide an additional 28 hours of battery life to a MacBook and 140 hours to an iPhone. For the most part, this was a pretty accurate statement.

This becomes extremely useful for long journeys, particularly if your smartphone’s battery life has deteriorated significantly in the past few years (looking at you Apple).

I mostly used the power bank to charge my MacBook and iPhone and it charged both devices significantly quicker than the regular chargers.

While it charges mostly newer devices, there is an additional USB-A cable that allows it to charge older devices too.


The 20K power bank is an absolute unit of a device that is slightly on the pricy side but well worth every penny.

Offering a 20,100mAh that offers fast-charging for various devices is a tremendous feat for Belkin that provides the best-in-class product that outshines its competitors in almost every way.

The power bank is covered by a two-year warranty that Belkin offers.

The Belkin Boost Charge 20K Power Bank is available from the Belkin website for £119.99 or from Amazon for £93.35.

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