Revealed: how you can help save the planet and your wallet

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June 3, 2019

Mobile phone comparison site Compare and Recycle unveils top tips for using tech more sustainably, and saving cash at the same time

With World Environment Day fast approaching on 5th June, Compare and Recycle, the UK’s leading independent comparison site for mobile phone recycling, reveals some clever ways you can help the planet, and save yourself some cash, up to £300 a year!

As people’s thoughts turn to what they can do to be a bit greener, there is often a perception that it might break the bank. Buying an electric car, choosing more eco-friendly cleaning products or swapping to organic food are all great steps to take in terms of sustainability, but they can also be expensive.     

Compare and Recycle can show that when it comes to technology, going green can result in better savings over time!

Matthew Moreton, Managing Director at Compare and Recycle comments: “We all want to do our bit to help the environment. While some aspects of becoming more eco-friendly come with a price tag, when it comes to mobile technology it really is a win win situation. We’ve developed four key steps you can take to help save the planet and some cash! You will save money by choosing more environmentally options!”

Step one: buy refurbished

The majority of a phone’s carbon emissions over its lifetime come in the manufacturing process, so by buying a refurbished phone, you can really help to cut these.

Not only that, buying a refurbished phone can save you up to £350 for an iPhone XS or £200 for a Samsung S10. These phones are often as new and come with at least a 12 month warrenty.

Step two: hang on to your mobile

Simply by upgrading every three to four years as opposed to every 12 to 24 months can save you money and really help the environment.

Keeping your phone for just one year longer has a huge impact on reducing its carbon footprint and can save you up to 25% of your total spend after only a couple upgrades.

If you can manage four years, which should be the minimum length a flagship phone model stays powerful enough for, you will save at least 40% off your total spend after just a couple upgrade cycles.

Step three: go for a smaller storage option

Due to the way they are made, there is a difference of around 29kg in carbon emissions in a 64GB iPhone XS and the 512GB capacity version.

There is also a big difference in price, with savings of up to £350 to be had on the iPhone XS by opting for a model with less storage. If you really need the capacity, you can always opt for cloud storage.

Step four: recycle!

Instead of adding to the mountain of tech waste in the UK, where old devices are discarded to landfill where they can release hazardous materials into the soil, recycle your unwanted gadgets.

You’ll not only help the planet, but could earn yourself a tidy sum too. An iPhone 7 Plus could earn you £268 or up to £176 for a Samsung Galaxy S8.

To find out more about how you can help protect the environment and save yourself some money, visit

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