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June 3, 2019

Australian cricket legend Michael Slater welcomes shoppers to “Carphoown Weyarhouse” as the mobile retailer pulls a switcheroo and switches allegiance to champion Australia for the summer of cricket.

On Fiday a South West London branch of Carphone Warehouse has pulled a switcheroo, going beyond a usual day’s work of helping customers switch to the best phone and network, and undergoing an Australian cricket green and gold makeover, to celebrate all things switching

Supported by former Australian star-batsman Michael Slater in celebration of the summer of cricket. The store, in London’s Australian hotspot Wandsworth, has been newly re-named “Carphoown Weyarhouse” by Australian-phonetics expert Dr. Adam Chong. The ‘switcheroo’ comes ahead of the team’s first cricket match against Afghanistan on Saturday. Having beaten the current favourites, England, in their warm-up game, Carphoown Weyarhouse has switched to support the better side.

Reigning World Cup champion Australia is the ‘best’ cricket team to back for a win and is part of Carphoown Weyarhouse’s “Switcheroo” campaign celebrating a dedication to securing the ‘best deal’ for customers looking to get the best mobile contract for them and save money.

The Australian switch continued in-store with a personal appearance from ‘Baggy Greens’ cricket legend and campaign supporter Michael Slater; a themed-selfie corner; a selection of delicious treats from Down Under (Lamingtons anyone?); staff in Aussie team-colours – a g’day all round for all!

Australian cricket legend and Switcheroo campaign supporter Michael Slater said: “I’m stoked to be helping Carphoown Weyarhouse pull a Switcheroo. As a proud Aussie, I love that the English are switching allegiance to supporting the Baggy Greens this world cup. They’re onto a winner!”

Dan Rubel, Customer Communications & Brand Director at Carphone Warehouse added: “We help customers pull a switcheroo and save money every day in our stores and online, so we’re excited to be marking that obsession with a cheeky switch of cricket allegiance in our Wandsworth store. As switcheroo obsessives, we reserve the right to change our mind, but for now at least, we’re all about the green and gold, and helping customers find the right phone deals of course”.

Shoppers and sports-fans wanting to check out the special-edition ‘switcheroo’ store in person should act quick – the Switcheroo takeover is set to last until Wandsworth store-closing time on 1st June 2019. Online, Brits will notice a social media takeover across Twitter and ‘Facey’ too.

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