QWERTY keyboards to return to BlackBerry – CEO

Jamie Feltham
January 13, 2014

BlackBerry phones will make a return to the QWERTY keyboard, CEO John Chen has confirmed.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Chen promisied that, going forward, the company’s hardware would ‘predominatly’ use its famous form factor. The recent Z10 and Z30 ditched the design.

“I personally love the keyboards,” Chen said, “so you will look to Blackberry going forward to do keyboards – I wouldn’t use the word exclusively, but predominantly.”

QWERTY keyboards have been a staple of the BlackBerry design for as long as we can remember. Seeing as sales of the Z10 have been dire, we’re not too surprised to hear that its well-known layout will make a return. Though it’s interesting to note that the company will still push non-QWERTY phones in the future.

Of course, how far this approach will get the financially-troubled BlackBerry remains to be seen.

Source: Bloomberg

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