Project Ara modular smartphone delayed until 2016

Thomas Wellburn
August 18, 2015

Google has delayed the launch of Project Ara until 2016, citing that the phone is still undergoing testing and isn’t yet ready for commercial release.

Project Ara is a modular smartphone that can be custom built using a variety of hot-swappable parts. Users will be able to change everything from camera sensors to battery size, creating a device that is truly personal according to their needs.

According to Google’s Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) Twitter account, the company has delayed the launch of their modular smartphone ‘Project Ara’ until sometime next year. The account had previously laid dormant since May 29th when the team began tweeting again roughly one week ago to announce an imminent update on the status of the project.

Project Ara was initially expected to launch in Puerto Rico this year however that has now been put on the backburner as Google continues to test various iterations of the device. The good news is that it may release in a few extra locations when it finally releases in 2016, as Google has teased that they are looking into “a few locations in the U.S”. Still no word on the U.K. though.

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