PokeFit offers Pokemon Go in-app fitness dashboard

Manny Pham
July 29, 2016

PokeFit is a new Android app that will help you catch ’em all and monitor your fitness with a handy dashboard overlay. So who wants to be the very best?

Niantic CEO John Hanke revealed during a panel at Comic-Con International, the current version of Pokemon Go is only 10% of the game. We expected the ability to trade, guys telling us their shorts are comfy before battling us on the street, and a chat function to feature at launch. These are major features that are either coming soon or being developed by a third party developer (but not part of the actual app).

Little features to make the game more engaging also do not feature, something P3 Communications is offering with PokeFit.

PokeFit features

The main feature of PokeFit is the dashboard overlaid onto the actual Pokemon Go app. It lists: duration of your session, metres walked, steps taken and calories burned. All of this information is listed in a small grey transparent square in the top right of your screen, so you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way of that Dratini you’ve been tracking down.

Looking into the actual PokeFit app, you can enable ‘keep screen on’ which will keep the screen active. Usually players would have to go deep into the settings to enable their displays for up to 30 minutes to play the game without any interruptions. PokeFit just makes it so much easier.

Egg hatching is also made easier, you don’t have to scroll through the menu to figure out how many metres you need to walk to hatch an egg or two.

If you find the display intrusive you can switch it off and PokeFit will still record your data, for you to peruse after a session.

Interestingly the app works quite like a running app, as it also tracks your routes as well as your calories and distance. The first UK player to have caught all available Pokemon in the game, claimed to have lost two stones in his cause.

PokeFit is available to download on the Play Store right now.

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