PlayStation app now available in UK

Jamie Feltham
November 26, 2013

The PlayStation app, a free service that connects a PlayStation 4 to a smartphone or tablet, is now live in the UK for iOS and Android.

The app hit the US two weeks ago before the respective PS4 launch, and makes it here just in time for Friday. You’ll be able to use it in games for second screen functions, but also sign into your PSN account elsewhere to set downloads on the PlayStation Store, check your trophy collection and reply to friends messages. There’s no rush to sign up for it given that it’s main feature won’t be available until November 29th, but it still has its uses right now. When the PS4 does hit you’ll be able to watch livestreams of friend’s games too.

That said it’s a little slow at this point in time, no doubt because everyone’s trying to snap it up.

You can get the PlayStation app on the Google Play Store here.

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