Pink PS Vita coming to Japan in November

Saqib Shah
September 1, 2014

Sony has revealed a new PS Vita model with a light pink back and white front at a press conference before the start of the Tokyo GameShow.

The new device will be exclusive to Japan and retail at 18,980 Yen ( £110), starting from 13 November.

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Sony Japan exec Atushi Morita stated that the Pink PS Vita is aimed at women. Why? Because, well, it’s pink and – you know – women love pink.

There were plenty of other exciting PS Vita reveals at the press conference too.

Firstly, the upcoming firmware update (3.30) was discussed. Although Sony refrained from offering a lengthy explanation of all the upgrades it will bring, it did announce one exciting feature; the ability to apply custom themes.

This will be similar to the feature available on the PlayStation 3, which allows players to add background images and icons to their XMB. Vita’s custom themes will be virtually identical to the ones found on the PS3 – with unified background images and icons of their own.

The update, however, does not yet have a confirmed release date – leading some commentators to speculate that it will be another Japanese exclusive.

The themes announced thus far certainly sound Japan-centric. Freedom Wars, Danganronpa: Another episode, Phantasy Star Nova and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines will all get supported themes.

Additionally, Sony also revealed that a dedicated PS4 streaming app will also be coming to its handheld – allowing viewers to watch live gaming action direct from their PS Vita screen.

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