Phablets killed the HTC mini

Thomas Wellburn
May 18, 2015

HTC North Asia President Jack Tong has announced that the company has killed the HTC “mini” line because the industry is moving towards smartphones with screens sized 5 inches or more.

Mr. Tong broke the news at the launch event for the HTC One M9+ and eluded to the fact that future budget phones from the company will feature much larger screens. The company are already putting this into practice with the budget 5.5 inch dual-sim One E9+.

Although they won’t be producing any more new small devices, the company are still offering the One mini and One mini 2 to anybody that hates big phones. Still, it’s a bittersweet swan song for the small, compact phone. Soon to be replaced by big, hulking phablets that make no compromises. I eagerly await the 80’s brick phones coming back into fashion.

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