Over one third of handsets broken in first three months of ownership

Alex Walls
March 21, 2013

A recent poll has found more than one third of mobile handsets are broken within the first three months of ownership. conducted a survey of 2579 people aged 18 or over and asked that respondents only participate if they had experienced a broken handset in the last two years, prompted by an increase in the number of claims made for phones under four months old.

In response to the question,  ‘When your handset, either past or present, became broken for the first time, how long had you had it for?’, 37% of respondents selected three months or less as their answer.

A fairly close second was seven to nine months, which 29% of respondents selected, with 25% choosing four to six months, 4% choosing 10 to 12 months and 5% choosing over a year.

Twenty three percent of respondents received the handset they were currently using for Christmas and of these, 51% had experience problems with it since, although it’s worth noting that there doesn’t seem to be a definition for just what ‘problems’ means; whether that’s your phone lags occasionally, or that you spilled jam on it last weekend, or that it spontaneously combusted while watching too many Gangnam style videos.

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