OnePlus paid $300,000 to be in House of Cards

Manny Pham
March 8, 2016

House of Cards is back and so is that inevitable product placement.

It’s been revealed that the young Chinese smartphone manufacturer has paid $300,000 to have the OnePlus, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, featured in the immensely popular Netflix series. The devices were spotted in the hands of characters Claire Underwood, Leann Harvey (seen above), Celia Jones and a host of other characters.

Frank Underwood’s daily driver hasn’t been revealed or should I say, seen yet (if you managed to binge watch it that far, tell us), it’s not expected to be a OnePlus device as the President of the United States is expected to use a BlackBerry, for security reasons.

It seems to be a new trend for Chinese manufacturers to get their devices on western screens. Vivo paid to have the X5 Pro featured in The Martian. House of Cards is no strangers to product placement. Gamers who watch the series fan-girled over Frank Underwood playing on a PlayStation 4 and getting really into it. He may be one of the most evilest character in television, but he does stick up for the underdog and preferred a PS Vita over a 3DS.

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