Amsterdam gets first VR dedicated cinema

Manny Pham
March 8, 2016

The Virtual Reality Cinema will be the world’s first VR dedicated cinema. 

VR is on everyone’s mind at the moment as the impending invasion on films, games and smartphones begins. In what seems to be some initiative seizing, Samhoud Media has opened the world’s first VR dedicated cinema. The media company has in the past set up pop-up VR cinemas.

It’s simply named The Virtual Reality Cinema, dedicated to offer an immersive experience for cinema goers. The hardware used is the Samsung Gear VR,  a Galaxy S6 and a pair of Sennheiser HD 201 headphones for full immersion. There are also 360 swivel chairs to enable users to look around without getting too tired.

The experience last 30 minutes as that’s how long a movie takes, capacity of the cinema is fifty people. Ticket prices aren’t so bad, considering we pay an arm and a leg nowadays for a film, ‚¬12.50 (£10). The VR Cinema has not revealed what will be showing, there is a wealth of VR films out there, the VR Cinema will be producing content themselves. Other VR studios are already working on their own content, including Oculus.

Will this spell the end of traditional cinemas? Well not straight away, they need to work out a comfortable way for couples to snog in the back row. A bit awkward to do I imagine.

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