OnePlus One Million – 30k phones sold in 64 seconds

Joanna Tatum
August 4, 2015

Only days after its release, the OnePlus 2 has a waiting list of over a million and has sold out 30,000 units in 64 seconds in China.

Earlier in the week, it was revealed that the newly released OnePlus 2 had over a million people waiting for an invite outside the company’s native China. The invite system has raised questions over its use, as sending invites to friends can bump a user higher on the priority list. Some, unable to wait, have even have found a way to hack the system to put themselves ahead.

Gone in Sixty (Four) Seconds

Today, the 30,000 phones available in their online store for open sale in China sold out in 64 seconds, a potential benchmark of how many could have been sold had OnePlus produced more beforehand. OnePlus have stated that they are increasing capacity all the time, and will be rolling out more units as fast as possible.

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