My OnePlus One exploded in my pocket, says owner

Saqib Shah
August 26, 2014

Just when we thought things were heading back to normal for OnePlus, after a rocky few months of delays and online backlash, the company is back in the headlines.

A user of the company’s OnePlus One smartphone has taken to its forums to report that the device blew up in his pocket.

The user, known as MiYzu, claims that he was on the subway with the phone in his back pocket when the incident occurred.

Consequently, MiYzu states that the phone’s case is now burnt as are the jeans he was wearing. The resultant fire also managed to burn his leg.

MiYzu also provided evidence in the form of images of the burnt OnePlus One, which show the phone’s damaged case.

This isn’t the first phone to have its lithium ion battery explode. In fact, similar stories have been reported in regard to other flagships. Nonetheless, news of a smartphone exploding is just about the closest you can get to a horror story in the world of mobile devices.

For its part, OnePlus provided a quick response to MiYzu’s post, with one of the admins offering the following statement of support:

Sorry to hear that. This has never happened previously. Could you please open a ticket and send me via PM your ticket number. I will ask Support to contact you as soon as possible tomorrow. Thanks

Despite having the handset catch fire in his pocket, MiYzu actually mentioned how good the phone’s battery is in his statement: “Fun fact at the same time I was talking with my brother about the battery life of the One. The battery is good it lasts a day”.

We guess it’s all well and good until it actually blows up. If you have a OnePlus and have suffered any similar problems or would just like to sing its praises, why not leave a comment below.

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