OnePlus founder responds to screen criticism

Manny Pham
June 22, 2016

OnePlus launched their latest device the OnePlus 3 last week, but it isn’t wasn’t all roses as OnePlus founder Carl Pei responded to display criticisms.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, OnePlus founder Carl Pei revealed the new OnePlus 3 is sporting a Samsung Super AMOLED display. Now with that revelation you can expect deep blacks and excellent colour saturation despite the below flagship standard 1080p display (most flagship devices have a QHD screen).

Pei said he was “sick and tired” of the criticism OnePlus has faced over the OnePlus 3.  AnandTech’s Brandon Chester called “the worst display I’ve examined [for the publication]”.

Another Redditor claimed OnePlus received a significant discount for the Samsung panels, to which Pei retorted with a rant:

“I’m sick and tired of sentiment like this. It may not seem so, but for a product company ‘ it’s insulting.

“It started with the OnePlus One, people trying to find explanations and faults that could have led to its reasonable price. People were complaining about screen variance (visible and common for LCDs, search for “iPhone yellow blue screen” images), vibration motor, and cheaper NAND, etc. Looking for any explanation, and quick to jump on bandwagons and to conclusions.”

OnePlus founder said they “didn’t settle”

The OnePlus Founder also went on to justify the choice to use a 1080p panel, ensuring it’s the best for user experience with no compromise for price. There is the obvious benefit to battery life, which AMOLED panels are known for, but it’s apparently the best they could possibly use for the OnePlus 3 while adhering to their vision.

“There are no corners cut on the product, and there will never be. OnePlus cuts corners on business model (direct to consumer), org structure (nimble and fast team), and marketing (organic word of mouth focused)” said Pei.

The OnePlus 3 is seeing some problems with its screen but it can be fixed with an update as Pei promises. The promise follows from the feedback from users, prompting OnePlus to make it a priority to ensure an update with an sRGB mode included. The negative backlash has happened, the update won’t heal that. What’s a OnePlus launch without something going wrong eh?

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