OnePlus 3 images reveal all before launch

Manny Pham
June 6, 2016

The OnePlus 3 will be announced on June 14th for us in the west, it’s over a week away which means there will be plenty of leaks like this until then. 

Previous leaks of the OnePlus 3 have only been renders with no real look at the final device. There was a really sketchy picture revealing a bare bones OnePlus 3, that looked like it needed a meal. A prototype model if anything.

Twitter tipster @the_malignant has shared with the world some live images of the OnePlus 3 which confirms nearly all previous leaked images. Although these images differ slightly with no OnePlus logo on the back. Its an early model so we expect as much.

Being an early model OnePlus are keeping it safe in a transparent case. So we can see the parallel antenna bands, camera hump and power button on the side.

Nothing new

oneplus 3

The new images reveal nothing new about the OnePlus 3, that we don’t already know. We’re super close to launch so these images are more likely real than fake.

Is there anything about the OnePlus 3 that we don’t already know? We hope so. There’s not much about the specs that can surprise us as the sheet has already been leaked in full.

Even with no surprises, OnePlus are looking to release another solid handset that will be easy on the wallet and heavy on the specs. The virtual reality launch will be on June 14th, stay tuned for update son the event.

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