OnePlus 2 spotted for sale online

Thomas Wellburn
July 21, 2015

Popular e-commerce website Oppomart, a distributor of Chinese smartphones, has included a new listing for the OnePlus 2 complete with pricing information.

Before you ask, no. You can’t purchase it yet. As the July 27th launch date looms ever closer, we are continuing to hear more and more information about the upcoming OnePlus 2. This new leak comes from Oppomart, a website which sells all kinds of Chinese smartphones not available in the UK. The listing also says that it will cost £321.06, which is an odd number and probably the result of conversion. This pretty much confirms what CEO Pete Lau has said previously, with the OnePlus 2 “guaranteed to cost under £300“. I’d say it’s now a sure-fire bet that the handset will launch for £299.99.


OnePlus also announced this week via the official blog that they would be implementing some big changes to its invite-only system after criticism from the public. It was notoriously difficult to get hold of the original OnePlus One, thanks to the low amount of devices that the company produced. This was a conscious decision by the company to play it safe and not over-manufacture. With the device exceeding expectations, OnePlus has now increased its stock by ‘about 30-50x’, meaning it should be far easier to get hold of one.

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