This is what a Nintendo smartphone should look like

Thomas Wellburn
July 21, 2015

Graphic designer Pierre Cerveau has given his own take on the future of Nintendo’s mobile prospects by designing a concept version of a Nintendo smartphone.

With the death of Satoru Iwata making the future of Nintendo a little cloudy at the moment, all eye’s are on what will be the next move for the video-game giant. While we don’t know for certain where these turbulent times will take the company, there is one thing that’s certain. Nintendo will be moving into the mobile games industry. Iwata has previously said that the company plans to release five mobile games later this year, with more on the way shortly after. Rather than a straight port, each title will be carefully picked and crafted to the usual Nintendo quality. This should hopefully mean a lack of Mario cash-cows that are outsourced to poor developers for a means quick satisfaction.

While these titles will be releasing on existing smartphone devices, it makes us all wonder what it would be like if Nintendo released a mobile of their own. What would it look like? How would it play? Well, it turns out that Pierre Cerveau shares those thoughts because he’s gone and designed an incredible concept render of what he calls the ‘Nintendo Smart Boy’.

Not only is that a fantastic name that pays homage to the classic Game Boy, it also has some relevance to the aesthetics too. It’s about as retro-chic as possible, with a perfect 50/50 cross between smartphone and Game Boy. He even designed a controller peripheral that plugs into the side, turning it into a fully functioning gaming device. If Nintendo ever released this, most gamers would probably keel over into a fanboy-induced coma. It really does look that good. Nintendo, are you taking notes? Throw a powerful customer processor in it along with some reliable in-house emulator software… It would sell like hotcakes.

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