O2 updates data Big Bundles to give customers more bang for their buck

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September 5, 2018

  All new and existing Pay As You Go data Big Bundle customers to benefit from increased data, minutes and texts

  • Data rollover also available on all data Big Bundles tariffs
  • O2 data Big Bundles start from just £10 a month for 2GB of data, 500 minutes and 5,000 texts

 O2 is offering Pay As You Go, customers, more bang for their buck with new and improved data Big Bundles tariffs.

The new data Big Bundles mean customers will receive more minutes and texts when they top up with the same tariff, while those taking out any bundles worth £20 or £25 a month will receive 2GB more data that was offered previously.

In addition, data rollover is now available on all data Big Bundles. This means that unused data will simply be added to the next month’s data Big Bundle, subject to bundle caps and customers renewing their data Big Bundle on the same day their previous data Big Bundle expires.

All existing data Big Bundle tariffs have had their monthly offering increased:

  • £10 gives customers 500 minutes rather than 250, 2GB of data as well as a whopping five times more texts at 5,000 compared to the previous 1,000
  • £15 offers double the number of minutes at 1,000, five times more texts at 5,000 and 5GB of data
  • £20 will now give users double minutes at 2,000 minutes, as well as 5,000 texts – a huge 250% increase – and 8GB of data, up 2GB
  • £25 offers 10GB of data, 5,000 texts – up by 3,000 – and 3,000 minutes
  • The largest data Big Bundle provides an impressive 20GB of data, 5,000 minutes (up from 3,000) and an excellent 5,000 texts, all for £30

About Big Bundles

Big Bundles is a tariff which allows Pay As You Go customers to exchange credit for minutes, SMS and data every month. There is no contract with Big Bundles, but by choosing a £10, £15, £20, £25 or £30 data Big Bundle, O2 will automatically deduct that amount from a credit balance on the same day monthly. If customers don’t have enough credit to pay, they will receive the bundle when they next top up.

How to get Big Bundles

Customers new to O2 will need to visit an O2 store or to get a free Big Bundle Sim.

Existing Pay & Go customers can either:

  • Text Big 10 (for the £10 tariff), Big 15 (for the £15 tariff), Big 20 (for the £20 tariff), Big 25 (for the £25 tariff) or Big 30 (for the £30 tariff) for free to 21300
  • Call 2202 free from their O2 mobile
  • Visit My O2

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