Note 7 display is “the best phone display ever”

Manny Pham
August 10, 2016

The Note 7 display, you know that QHD beauty, has been hailed as “the best phone display ever” by experts from reputable panel testers DisplayMate. 

DisplayMate are the de facto website for panel testing, going into great detail on Samsung’s latest and greatest. Researcher Dr. Raymond M. Soneira concluded Samsung has once again matched or broke records set by the manufacturer last year.

DisplayMate found the Note 7 to have the highest peak brightness, higher contrast ration, widest colour gamut and lowest screen reflectance rate. Basically colours will be eye-popping, with excellent viewings angles, even in direct sunlight.

Although the Note 7 display is currently the best so far in current mobile technology, some advancements in the OLED panel has seem to plateau.

Note 7 display doesn’t win it all

Previously, Power efficiency increased 21% in the Note 5, from the Note 4. Going back further the Note 4 saw a 56% increased from the Note 3. The Note 7 saw no increased in power efficiency, meaning you’re losing the same amount of power due to the screen.

“This year the power efficiency has remained the same between the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy Note 7,” said Dr. Soneira in the report.

Screen resolution was of course not touched, staying at the 2560 x 1440, QHD. Samsung upgraded to QHD with the Note 4, from the 1920 x 1080, FHD panel on the Note 3. DisplayMate called anything more than QHD is “absolutely pointless.”

There’s a lot to love about the Galaxy Note 7’s display, not just the fact that it’s the best. An always-on-display is on board that can be written on with the S Pen, even when the display is inactive. It can also be transformed into a virtual reality headset using the Samsung Gear VR.

The report goes on to predict the Galaxy S8 will likely inherit the improved QHD panel seen on the Note 7. Which goes against rumours of a 4K screen, seen the Xperia Z5 Premium. It also noted rumours on Apple switching to OLED screen technology in 2017, which sounds completely plausible.

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