Netflix Internet speed test app sees debut

Manny Pham
August 10, 2016

Netflix has released its own Internet speed test app, following the launch of a speed test website of the same name earlier in the year. 

Back in May Netflix debuted with the intention to help Netflix users to understand their net speed capability, and whether they really should be going for the ultra high definition package. 

Netflix viewing is also done on mobile devices, so the streaming company has launched a free iOS and Android app to gauge the connection speed of your Internet and mobile device. The FAST speed test  app is immediate like its web counterpart, just launching the app will start the work straight away, giving an almost instant result. It’s incredibly simple to use and so is the design and interface of the app (not in a bad way).

Speed calculations are done by using Netflix’s servers in the background. A handy refresh button is available if you want to work out your average speed.

Netflix speed test app will save you from disappointment

Netflix team members Sergey Fedorov and Ellen Livengood detailed why Netflix are dedicated to maintaining the services of

“We continue to monitor, test and perfect, always with the goal of giving consumers the simplest and most accurate tool possible to measure their current internet performance.

“We plan to share updates and more details about this exciting tool in future posts.”

Netflix’s premium package allows 4K viewing with certain films and TV shows, providing you’re watching through a suitable TV or monitor. Netflix states a 25mbps speed or higher is required for intense 4K viewing. Let’s also not forget about other people in the house siphoning precious megabytes.

So download the app or go on before you start salivating about a Friday night 4K binge on Stranger Things.

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