Nokia Lumia 1520 not arriving until December 2 in US

Jordan O'Brien
November 22, 2013

Happy Xbox One, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 launch day US brethren – but wait, it seems that the Lumia 1520 isn’t arriving today after all, with the company delaying the launch until the December 2. According to an email to one customer, the reason for the delay is ‘unprecedented’ demand – something we’ve become accustomed to when it comes to Lumia launches in the US.

Whilst it’s not yet confirmed whether or not it will be arriving on December 2, according to one person who got the email from AT&T, that is the expected delivery date, although it could of course arrive a little earlier or later.

Currently it seems to be people who have already pre-ordered the phone online and are waiting for delivery, and it’s not yet known if you’ll have better luck in-store – so phone up your local AT&T or Microsoft Store just in case!

UK release date has yet to be announced, although we’ve heard from Nokia that it will be officially revealing that on Monday.

Source: WPCentral

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