Nintendo releases huge Miiverse update for 3DS and Wii

Thomas Wellburn
July 29, 2015

Nintendo has announced a huge update to the Miiverse client which is rolling out to 3DS and Wii users today.

The update brings a new Play Journal feature, which allows you to jot down your thoughts and blog about games while playing them, plus a full screenshot album for saving and organising your photographs. The interface has also been streamlined and is now split into three distinct categories for easier navigation. There’s sections for Play Journal entries, Drawings and Discussions.

The community feed has been dissolved into the discussions section, which will act as a new area where players can ask questions or start conversations about their favourite titles. This replaces the fragmented design of old, where it was extremely difficult to keep track of the various communities and discussions.

To get the update, simply go and check your 3DS or Wii now. There should be a notification waiting for you.

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