Nintendo to release smartphone mini-games?

Jamie Feltham
January 28, 2014

Things sure do move fast in the gaming industry. Just two weeks after Nintendo cut its Wii U sales forecasts to just 2.8 million, the company is rumored to be developing smartphone mini-games.

Note the ‘mini’ part of that. According to Japanese publication Nikkei, these games will be designed to promote Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS titles. So don’t expect a full-blown Pokemon RPG on your iPhone, but instead something like a party game to promote said RPG on 3DS. It’s thought that the company will also release videos onto smartphones.

If true, then the mini-games would be free. The company’s quarterly financial briefing is scheduled for this Wednesday, so we could hear official comment then.

Following the sales adjustments, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata had said that it wouldn’t be releasing games onto mobile devices. That said, maybe these mini-games don’t fit under that same definition.

Source: Nikkei via IGN

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