Nexus 6P Nougat release date leaked by Telus

Manny Pham
August 19, 2016

The Nexus 6P Nougat release date has been outed by Canadian telecoms company Telus. The company has even detailed a specific date.

Telus is Canada’s second largest-network carrier, the company posted in a forum release dates of Android updates for a variety of devices. What caught our eyes of course was the Nexus 6P and 5X, both are receiving an “Android N” update. We wonder what that could be.

nexus 6p nougat

Both devices will see the update on August 22nd. Before issuing over-the-air updates, manufacturers have to inform network carriers before releasing an update, making this post extremely substantial. Last year Telus did the exact same thing, and accurately confirmed Android Marshmallow’s release (October 5th). Telus stresses in the post that dates are subject to change, so a delay could happen.

Nexus 6P Nougat goodness 

The release date may seemingly be of matter to Canadian Android fans, but it also gives the rest of the world a perspective of when to expect Android Nougat. That being said, Android updates are notorious for being slower than a drunk turtle after a stag party. Recently it was found Motorola (now Lenovo) were the fastest manufacturer for releasing Android updates.

The chart from Telus also reveals the Samsung Galaxy A5 will be finally getting Android Marshmallow, almost a year from Marshmallow’s initial release.

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