Nexus 5X shows up in another on-line video

Thomas Wellburn
September 29, 2015

Another video demonstration of the upcoming Google Nexus 5X is doing the rounds on-line ahead of the imminent launch.

With only hours to go before the launch of the Google Nexus 5X, another video demonstration has leaked on YouTube which gives a hands-on impression of the upcoming smartphone. The leak comes courtesy of Korean technology website UnderKG, who has managed to get their hands on a prototype unit of the upcoming Nexus 5X. As mentioned in the video, the motherboard is missing and this purely an aesthetic demonstration.

Until now, it was believed that only two colours were available but this leak has revealed a new ‘mint green’ variant. The device also gets compared side-by-side with the previous generation Nexus 5, with the newer version looking considerably larger. It is mentioned in the video that the Nexus 5X will have “exactly the same dimensions as the LG G4 Beat”.

The Nexus 5X will be announced at the Google event later today. It kicks off at 9AM PST, which is 5PM here in the UK.

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Via TechRadar

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