Nexus 5 orders already backed up to three week wait

Jamie Feltham
November 4, 2013

It turns out the powerful processor and low price are hitting the mark – Nexus 5 orders are already backed up to a three week wait in the UK. The phone was only announced at the end of last week.

That’s the black model to be specific, and going off of the Google Play Store. The white version seems a little less popular, and should be shipping within the week. But both the 16GB and 32GB black models come with a 2 – 3 week waiting time. Still, that’s well before Christmas.

Of course, the phone is also available from Three and O2 on contract, so you may well have a bit more luck there if you’re truly desperate for the handset. It might make more sense to make Nexus 5 orders from one of those networks right now.

Source: CNET

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