New Ulefone mirror image of Meizu Pro 5

Thomas Wellburn
November 13, 2015

More images of an upcoming smartphone from Ulefone have leaked, showing a device that looks very similar to a certain Chinese competitor.

You’ll have to squint quite hard with this one because it’s quite easy to get confused… But this is actually from Ulefone, a relatively new player to the smartphone market. The device in question still has no name, though previously leaks have already compared it to the likes of Meizu and Huawei. With a full aluminium uni-body and same antenna layout as certain other handsets, it pretty much follows the same design theme overall. Notice the cut-out around the flash and there also appears to be space for a laser focusing system, similar to the Meizu Pro 5.


The only real difference discerning them apart is the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor underneath and slight movement of the upper antenna, which not cuts through the camera lens.

For more on Ulefone, visit What Mobile’s dedicated Ulefone page.

Via GizChina

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