Microsoft releasing Halo ‘digital feature’, Ridley Scott tapped as producer

Saqib Shah
April 3, 2014

Talk of a Halo movie has been ongoing for a few years now, with fans of the game patiently waiting to see their favourite FPS on the big screen – or any screen for that matter.

In the past, nothing had materialised. But it seems Microsoft hasn’t given up hope on the project and it now looks to be taking a more hands-on approach with the adaptation.

The software giant has announced that a new Halo digital feature is in the works, with Gladiator and Alien director Ridley Scott signed up to serve as executive producer.

What exactly a ‘digital feature’ is remains uncertain at this point. it sounds like a digitally animated feature-length film to us, but – with so little information – that’s open to debate at this point.

The digital feature will see Sergio Mimica-Gezzan take the directorial reins, according to  a Microsoft press release. Mimica-Gezzan has previously directed episodes of the critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica TV show reboot.

Whether the digital feature will make it to cinemas seems unlikely, perhaps it will be released as an exclusive Xbox One download (Microsoft is currently developing some exciting original content for its gaming platform, including a documentary about the fabled E.T. Atari video game) or a series of shorts, à la 2010’s Halo Legends.

In the past, Elysium and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp had been attached to direct a Halo live action feature with Peter Jackson in the producer’s chair – a real geek dream by any standards.

Additionally, it was announced last year that Steven Spielberg was involved in a live-action Halo TV series.

With so many big names circling the project, it’s no wonder there has been so much excitement surrounding it. And at this point it’s likely that we may see more than one Halo adaptation.

What are your thoughts on a Halo film? Will it succeed where so many other video game adaptations have failed? And what format do you think serves the game best?


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