Microsoft finally caters to UK TV fans with the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner (UPDATE: It’s finally on sale!)

Callum Tennent
October 21, 2014

This article was originally posted on 08/08/14

As you surely all know by now, the Xbox One is more than just a top-of-the-line games console, it also serves an an entertainment centre. With the variety of apps available, plus its outstanding connectivity, it’s meant to be the device to retire everything else sat around your television.

Of course that ideology falls apart somewhat if you live in Europe. First of all, we didn’t get full TV guide support when using HDMI throughput to view satellite or cable TV through the Xbox One. That was (eventually) remedied in a recent patch.

There still remained an issue with the HDMI throughput itself, though. Specifically – what if you don’t use HDMI when watching TV at all? Many homes in Europe still use coaxial wall sockets as a means of receiving TV – even some set-top boxes.

Realising this, Microsoft is set to release the Xbox One TV Digital Tuner. It’s a coaxial-to-USB adaptor which you can use to connect your TV receiver of choice to your console. And just like that, all of your problems are solved!

It can display broadcasts in HD, works with the guide feature, and you can even use Kinect voice commands to control it.

It’ll cost you £25 in the UK and ‚¬30 in the Eurozone, and will be available towards the end of October.

UPDATE: The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner is now finally on sale in the UK! As we previously reported, the RRP is £25.


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