Microsoft continues battle with iPad, claims Surface RT is better

Jordan O'Brien
August 8, 2013

Despite lacklustre sales and a massive $900 million write-off, Microsoft still thinks its Surface RT tablets are better than the iPad — and is even willing to bet money on it, by producing yet another ad.

The ad is very similar to the ones before it, where the iPad goes head to head with a Windows 8 tablet. Of course the tests are in Microsoft’s favour, as multitasking and Office are all shown off on Windows 8, whilst pointing out the iPad’s lack of that functionality.

If you were that desperate for Office, then there’s nothing stopping you from using the web interface on the iPad, and with the app recently coming to iPhone — it shouldn’t be too long until it makes its way to iPad.

Microsoft has also taken the time to highlight that the Surface RT is cheaper — despite the RRP being exactly the same at $499. The only reason for the device being cheaper is because of the recent $150 discount applied to all Surface RT tablets, thanks to appalling sales.

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