Lumia Black update detailed, upgrades camera, other features

Jamie Feltham
October 22, 2013

Yet more Nokia news for the day. Better get strapped in, because it’s likely going to be like this until 6pm. Now we have details on the Nokia Lumia Black update that will bring most of the new features found on the 1520 and 1320 over to existing Windows Phones.

The company said: “This will happen later on, it won’t happen immediately. Some of the key updates for Windows Phone are in GDR3, so the notifications, some of the underpinnings behind it will come through across all devices and be combined together with the Black update.

“And we’ll have stuff like Nokia Camera, Storyteller, the lock-screen will be integrated as well ‘ it will be even richer, so you’ll have messaging, email, you’ll have notifications ‘ so we’re really looking at how do we reward our existing consumers.”

We’re expecting the Lumia Black update to start hitting Windows Phones devices early next year. So you don’t need to pick up a phablet get in on all the Nokia newness.

Source: Phone Arena

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