Lufthansa’s in-flight mobile service ready for take off

Saqib Shah
February 7, 2014

German airline Lufthansa has added a mobile phone service to its long haul flights that allows users to text and browse the web while on the move.

The airline has already introduced mobile connectivity on eight of its planes flying between Munich and Frankfurt and North America and the Middle East, and it expects to kit out the rest of its 100-strong  long-haul fleet with the functionality later this year.

Travellers who choose to use their phones in-flight to send texts and browse online will be charged their network providers normal roaming rates to do so.

The mobile service is being rolled out in partnership with GSM service provider Aeromobile, which has roaming agreements with over 240 mobile operators including  Vodafone, EE, and Three in the UK;  T-Mobile, Vodafone, e-Plus and O2 in Germany; and AT&T and Verizon in the US.

Generally, such services are restricted during take-off and landing. Passengers are also not allowed to use their mobiles to make calls and are urged to keep their devices on silent throughout the duration of their journey.

Earlier this week budget airline Ryanair announced that travellers can use electronic devices for the entire duration of their flights.

Source: ZDNet, Business Traveller

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