Lenovo’s New Motorola Smartphone Range is Utterly Confusing

Thomas Wellburn
May 15, 2017

A leaked image showing the upcoming 2017 Lenovo Motorola range has been leaked via Twitter user Evan Blass.

Lenovo is undergoing a bit of an internal re-brand right now, with various handset lines disappearing in favour of the ‘Moto’ moniker. The aim is to consolidate all of the confusing naming conventions under one umbrella, though if this leaked image is anything to go by… It could be about to get even more confusing.

Reliable Twitter tipster Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, has today received a presentation slide from an internal Lenovo meeting. The slide appears to show all of the handset lines which Lenovo will be unveiling. The C line will be a new addition to the family, presumably overtaking the E line as the cheapest handsets. The C Plus will include a large 4,000 mAh battery, while the E Plus will include an even larger 5,000 mAh battery.

Moving up the range and we have a new pair of G devices, despite their predecessors only launching less than a year ago. These two handsets look to be additions rather than redesigns, with the gS+ offering a dual camera not seen on the current devices.

The X series will finally get a reboot, with a new 5.2-inch device that has a 3D glass build and ‘SmartCam’. It’s been a while since the company released an X device, with the Moto X Force arriving way back in November 2015.

The Z series remains the flagship range, offering Moto Mods and a shatterproof display on the ‘Force’ model (it’s been given a promotion).

It’s a pretty big shakeup that’s quite confusing, but it’s an understandable change. Lenovo should be attempting to capitalise on the power of the Motorola name, even if it means throwing a bunch of letters together that largely make no sense. It’s not the most mind-boggling handset range we’ve ever seen but there’s a chance it could get convoluted, especially if they add any new additions.

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