Kickstarter campaign aims to turn anything into a button

Alex Yau
May 12, 2015

Ever wanted to control your computer using a banana or play Flappy Bird by tapping on jelly? It sounds insane, but Makey Makey Go is turning this bizarre idea into a reality.

For just $19, you can do that. Makey Makey Go is an invention kit that can turn almost anything into a keyboard or mouse button. The whole process is simple. Just stick the included USB stick into your computer and connect it to an object of your choice using the included alligator clip. The video below shows examples of potential uses. These include a donut spacebar, a dog bed that can start a Skype call and a foil sword game that counts the number of times you’ve struck an opponent. Need more than one button? Just plug in another USB stick.

The Makey Makey Go is a redesigned version of the original Makey Makey, which is now called the Classic. Its inventor said: “We redesigned Makey Makey Classic to focus it down to its absolute bare essentials to feel more like a kitchen gadget or a multi-tool and less like a traditional circuit.”

Makey Makey Go Kickstarter

The Makey Makey Go is relying on crowdfunding to move into production and its creators hope to raise $10,000 through crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. The Makey Makey Classic has already sold 200,000 and the Makey Makey Go is currently on $37,984 of its $10,000 Kickstarter target.

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