Jabra celebrates 20 years of Bluetooth with Talk Franchise launch

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August 10, 2018

As the first brand to introduce Bluetooth headsets to the world, Jabra pays tribute to the 20th year anniversary of this innovative technology by relaunching the Jabra Bluetooth Mono headsets under the Talk Franchise umbrella.

Since 1998, Bluetooth has been a key driver for innovative wireless experiences for both business professionals and consumers – a technology underpinning numerous product launches. It enabled Jabra to create the first consumer Bluetooth headset in 2000, more than two months ahead of the competition and paving the way for wireless communications in both the enterprise and consumer space. The Danish company launched the first wireless headset for conference calls in 2003.

More recently, with the release of the Jabra Elite Sport – the most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds in 2016, and the Jabra Elite Franchise in 2018 with third generation true wireless technology – Bluetooth proves to still remain pivotal to today’s technology industry.

In fact, research by Bluetooth SIG, serving industry-leading member companies across the globe, reveals that 2018 will see almost 4 billion Bluetooth devices and 880 million Bluetooth audio streaming devices shipped – with no signs that this will slow down.

Talk Franchise

Celebrating 20 years of Bluetooth and reflecting on Jabra’s success in wireless headsets, Jabra relaunches their BT Mono headsets in one franchise named after what they deliver best: crystal clear talk. The Talk Franchise includes renowned mono headsets including the Eclipse, Stealth, Mini and Boost – all brought to market in a modern design.

Claus Fonnesbech, Senior Director, Media Relations at Jabra said: “Comfortable, stylish and designed to make your day-to-day activities run smoothly, Bluetooth Mono headsets are still a great extension of your phone. Allowing you to remain hands-free, whether at work or on the go, you can make and receive calls while performing numerous other tasks with ease.”

“At Jabra, we continue to build innovative experiences based on Bluetooth. The success of our latest true wireless products prove that this technology is still alive and kicking after 20 years and Bluetooth Mono continues to play an important part in it. The modern refresh of our Talk Franchise shows our commitment to this product series.”


Find out more about the products in the Jabra Talk family at:

The Jabra Talk Franchise will be available on from July and (stocking from August), in Carphone Warehouse from September and Halfords in October.

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