iPhone 7 might not have a home button

Manny Pham
June 15, 2016

A leak claims to reveal the iPhone 7 without Apple’s famous home button, but a touchscreen one embedded into the body.

With OnePlus finally unveiling the OnePlus 3, all eyes are now on Apple to reveal their flagship device in the last hurdle of 2016’s flagship reveals. Apple will most likely reveal their new device in September, as they have done with their past flagship reveals.

The leak from Mobipicker claims the capacitive home button has been removed and replaced with a touch-sensitive button. It goes on to state the button will be embedded into the body.

Unwanted poundage

What could this mean for the iPhone 7? It has already been heavily rumoured the Cupertino giants will omit the 3.5mm headphone jack for the iPhone 7, sparking rumours of a slimmer device.

Getting rid of the home button will also free up more space for Apple to include something new, or slim down the device. The title of ‘slimmest premium device in the world’ goes to the recently announced Moto Z. It measures at an incredible 5.2mm. The current iPhone 6s measures at 7.1mm of thickness.

Who knows what Apple will reveal in September, there are also rumours of an on-screen home button, like Android devices such as the Xperia X.

We’ll find out more closer to the time, Apple really need to reveal something impressive as its Android rivals have revealed some serious devices this year.

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