iPhone 5C to launch without Siri, iPad October and iWatch in 2014?

Jordan O'Brien
August 13, 2013

If you don’t have many friends to talk to, then the iPhone 5C may not be the solution for you, with rumours surfacing that it will come without Siri support.

According to forecasts analyst Gene Munster, Siri will not be the only thing that will be lost in the budget iPhone, with the finger print scanner also reportedly being axed from the budget version.

The iPhone 5S will of course have beefier specs, with a much improved processor rumoured for the next iPhone flagship.

Munster doesn’t have high expectations for the device though, with the fingerprint sensor not being built into iOS 7 enough to be utilised to the best of abilities. He does envision that later versions of iOS utilising it much better, claiming that Apple will likely have secure payments in 2014.

Whilst Siri may not sound like a big omission, Munster believes that it will be a big enough differentiator between the iPhone 5S to ensure that the iPhone 5C doesn’t cannibalise the more premium device.

It would depend on how cheap the iPhone 5C lands, as the current iPhone 4S already has Siri capability, and it would be an odd move for Apple to remove it.

The iPhone 5 will also not be taken off the shelves according to Munster, despite an earlier reporter from Korean site ETNews claiming the opposite.

Those of you waiting for a new iPad may have to wait until October, which would go along with rumours that Apple are planning an event on October 25.

As for the iWatch and a larger-screen iPhone, you’ll have to wait until mid-2014 according to Munster — so maybe Apple hasn’t got that army ready quite yet. Although he does note that there’s a 70% chance of seeing a new TV device from Apple before the end of 2013.

Of course this is just Munster’s analysis and shouldn’t be taken as definitive fact, but it’s definitely an exciting prospect.

Source: CNET

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