iPhone 5c production reportedly slowed

Jordan O'Brien
October 10, 2013

Apple may want you to really buy an iPhone 5c, but it seems the company is a little worried about how many it can shift, with a report coming from CTechCN claiming production has slowed in recent days.

According to the report, Apple initially ordered a production of 300,000 iPhone 5c units per day, but has now halved that to just 150,000 units per day.

The 5c was initially rumoured to be a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 5s, which is in theory true — but with such similar pricing it hasn’t sold like hotcakes.

In the US the iPhone 5c was only able to garner around 25 percent of sales on launch week, proving that consumers just haven’t connected with the more colourful version of the OS.

Source: GSM Arena

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