iPad mini 2 image leak suggests Touch ID included

Jamie Feltham
October 21, 2013

It’s just over 24 hours until Apple finally introduces us to its new gizmos and gadgets at its scheduled press event, and last minute leaks are coming in hot.

This time it’s an iPad mini 2 image leak, as seen below. Nothing new, you might think, but this particular snap shows Apple’s smaller tablet complete with a Touch ID sensor, which you’ll know from the iPhone 5s. The image comes from 2014-news (via Phone Arena), so we can’t comment on just how valid it will be, but it is a sturdy rumour. Other rumours are keen to suggest that the iPad mini 2 will have a retina display too.

True or not – we’ll know at 6pm tomorrow UK time. Then we won’t see anymore iPad mini 2 image leaks, so cherish this moment. We’re also hoping to see the iPad 5 finally revealed, possibly with its own Touch ID sensor too. Can you feel the excitement in the air?


Source: 2014-News via Phone Arena

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