iPad HD debut tomorrow?

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March 6, 2012

At 6pm UK time tomorrow, Apple will take to the stage in San Francisco to make a big announcement. The only concrete details we have are the time and the place of the London event which happens at the same time as the US event, which traditionally offers a hands-on demo of any new products after a presentation.

However, insider gossip and Apple supplier leaks has led many to speculate that, like the iPhone 4S launch, the March 7 event will reveal a marginally upgraded version of the iPad 2, dubbed iPad HD.

The key technology improvements are believed to be a Retina screen, in-line with the iPhone 4S display and a faster, quad-core processor designed to meet the needs of new games and apps.

The invite above merely carries the words ‘see’ and ‘touch’ and a glimpse of a device that we suspect is a new iPad but could, in reality, be a glimpse of a new Apple TV or remote.

We’ll bring you all the news tomorrow night.


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