Thinner iPads inbound, along with Retina iPad Mini

Jordan O'Brien
October 21, 2013

If you’re in any doubt what we’ll be seeing tomorrow from Apple, then the Wall Street Journal has added a little insight — claiming that both an iPad Mini with a Retina display and a thinner variant of the original iPad will both be launching.

According to the report, Apple will be ditching the glass on the original iPad and will replace it with a thin film instead, in a hope to make the device a lot thinner. As for the mini version of the iPad, not many details have been spilled in the report, other than that it will have a high-resolution display.

If the Wall Street Journal is right, then it will go against other reports that Apple will be delaying the launch of the iPad Mini with Retina display until 2014, due to a shortage of 7.9-inch high-res displays. Of course, just because it may see an announcement doesn’t mean it will be released this year — but that would be very unlikely with Apple commonly releasing devices in the weeks after the announcement.

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