Huawei Watch coming soon to United States customers

Joanna Tatum
August 11, 2015

Huawei Watch ‘right round the corner’ according to official website.

The Huawei Watch, which was announced this March, could be available to American customers within the next couple of months. One of Huawei’s USA websites has announced the imminent release of the smartwatch on the American continent, and is asking potential customers to sign up for further information.

Huawei Watch Coming Here?

Huawei Watch US release

What goes to the USA will usually follow to the UK soon after, which raises hopes that the smartwatch will also be coming over here in the not too distant future. The China-based company did at one point mention a tentative release date of “around the middle of the year”, which fits nicely with the recent announcement.

The watch passed through the US Federal Certification Commission (FCC) process last month, which is generally a good indicator that a product is due for launch.

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