Huawei Nexus will be Mate 8-style with own OS

Thomas Wellburn
May 18, 2015

The new Nexus from Huawei could be based on the mate 8 prototype and feature a new OS dubbed Kirin that is entirely separate from Android. 

A report suggests that Huawei is busy working on its own mobile operating system, known as kirin. There have plenty of rumours to suggest the Huawei will be the next company to produce a flagship Nexus, with LG expected to produce a smaller version to accommodate it. However, while the next Nexus was expected to use the Snapdragon 810, new reports suggest that Huawei may be using their custom in-house chipset Kirin 930.

Kirin has apparently been in development at the Chinese firm for three years.  Their current devices run on a modified Android with a custom Emotion UI overlay, but own-brand mobile OSes are a hot topic right now, so it’s no surprise they are trying it out for themselves.

It’s surprising to see the number of companies now stepping up to claw some market share from Google, with Samsung pushing Tizen and Cyanogen wanting a piece of the fight. It’s still David Vs. Goliath, but David is getting a little bigger.

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