HTC second quarter result shows slight improvement

Thomas Wellburn
August 2, 2016

The HTC second quarter result is out, with a subtle improvement in some areas but still an overall net loss.

Second quarter gross margin is up 2% on the previous quarter, with a revenue of NT$18.9 billion. Quarterly operating loss margin is up 11.1% on the previous quarter, with a loss of NT$4.2 billion versus NT$4.8 billion. Disposal gain continues to provide funding for the company as they sell off key patches of land and offices in Taoyuan to pay for overheads. The company previously sold one of their Taoyuan Factories to Inventec for NT$6.06 billion, as a way to lower operational costs and turn a profit.

HTC second quarter result can’t hide another loss

Despite the subtle rise in gross margin revenue and operating loss, things are hardly rosy for the Taiwanese smartphone firm. Quarterly net loss is still a hefty NT$3.1 billion, though it has seen a massive increase from the same time last year, where the company reported a terrible NT$8.0 billion loss. The company is slowly starting to climb and see revenues increase, but has not seen a net gain for quite some time.

Gambling heavily on virtual reality is a bold move, but the Vive is likely still too expensive to lure lots of potential buyers. Meanwhile, the HTC 10 was a great handset that was well received but unfortunately failed to ignite sales, where June revenue fell by 5.8 percent to a NT$6.34 billion at the time of the devices release.

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