How technology has changed people’s relationships

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October 28, 2020

In the mid-1990s, web developers had a ‘eureka’ moment, thinking of the potential gold mine they might be sitting on if they created a web platform for dating. became the first commercial matching website. Over the next couple of decades, online dating has evolved in tandem with technological advances, transforming relationships. After analysing the online dating niche, this site came to conclusions about the rapid development of the technical component of online dating, which are formulated in this article.

Rapid technical development of the dating industry in recent years

Many factors have impacted the way online dating has gone from strength to strength. There are generic sites, with some of the larger platforms catering for global memberships running into millions. Other outlets are aimed at more niche areas, covering every possible permutation from age-gap partnerships to polyamorous relationships, or any other topic that might be popped into a search engine. Depending on whether you’re looking for casual get-togethers or something longer-lasting, you can sign up to sites that will find you appropriate matches. These websites will contain algorithms to ensure you have every opportunity of being matched with the most appropriate individuals.

Dating sites have also proved to be an ideal fit for the home screen of your smart device or tablet, with app versions that can be downloaded alongside any of the other titles from your Apple or Google store. Containing neat, pocket-sized replicas of the desktop rendition, these are easily navigable, allowing access to their content while you are on the go. The convenience and sociability of these dating apps mean they are so much more than a handy device for browsing through the profiles of potential partners. Users can tap into these sources to seek out social connections just as readily as a love interest. So, as well as providing sophisticated avenues for people to get acquainted with someone compatible with romance, technology is making it easier to increase our friendship circles.

Smartphones help to find each other and create pairs

One of the main drivers of dating technology has been making it as easy as possible for site users to take advantage of matching functionality. Some websites will present long-winded questionnaires during the application process, inviting newcomers to build a comprehensive picture of themselves for other members to check out. With Tinder, site users merely have to swipe right or left, depending on how attractive they find a succession of profile images. If the person at the other end reciprocates, then the site algorithms can initiate a meeting.

Further technological innovations have included video chatting, an enhancement that has been in the pipeline since before the present COVID pandemic situation. Where dating apps would have been used for introductions, then arranging a rendezvous relatively quickly, now the emphasis is on slower dating, building chemistry.

Forecasts for the near future in the field of innovative development of dating

There is likely to be more use made of geolocation – the satnav technology that allows you to track the proximity of other daters. Voice-controlled personal assistants could provide shortcuts: “Siri, find me a single redhead, 30 to 40, living within a 10-mile radius.” Virtual Reality headsets, currently utilised to make gaming more interactive and immersive, is already being adopted by the US military to enable frontline troops to maintain romantic connections.

As technology continues to streamline contact and make online dating even more convenient, more and more singles will be drawn to checking out the possibilities. The technology will need to continue to improve to cope with the increased demand. For tomorrow’s daters, the situation is win-win.


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