Google releases stock Android keyboard on Google Play

Jordan O'Brien
June 6, 2013

One of the most irritating things about manufacturer skins, is they almost always replace the keyboard — sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Google  has realised this problem however and is now seeking to rectify it, by launching the ‘Nexus‘ keyboard on Google Play.

Google Keyboard is free from the Play Store and will come with all the features available to Nexus users, including the ability to do gesture typing. It works out as a cheaper alternative to both SwiftKey and Swype, although some users will find its feature set not to be as extensive as those.

The keyboard currently has predominantly 5 star reviews in Google Play, with many people praising its accuracy, as well as the Swype-esque gesture typing.

SwiftKey only released its latest update back in May which brought a plethora of new themes, as well as a cut price — although at £2.99, we can see Google Keyboard being the more popular of the two.


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